We focus on flexible training and nutrition for busy runners who want better results without taking themselves too seriously.

What's Included


For Busy People Who Want Full Support & Accountability With Their Training & Nutrition Without Ever Being Boring!

unique coaching 

Working closely together each month you will have a new training plan delivered to your inbox. Each plan is personalised to your lifestyle and gives you  flexibility to help you stay on track.   You can have your plan tweaked and changed as many times as needed too! 


Every week we upload bitesize videos so that you can learn about nutrition,  injury prevention and training. The content is driven by our members meaning you get to choose what gets filmed and added to the members area.

easy WEIght loss for runners

We have our very own meal planner / app created by UK Registered Sports Dietician Mike Sweeney to make any weight loss goal simple. We have 1000+  easy recipes to choose from being aded to all the time and we can also answer any questions you have on nutrition. 


Inside our private members group you will be able to ask questions anytime and have them answered with our weekly LIVE Q&A sessions. You can connect with 150+ other pack members from around the World who will provide you with endless accountability and LOL’s.  


Gary House

Competitive Ultra Runner & Busy Dad

The RUNSTRONG Head Honcho became addicted to running in his early twenties and now gets to share everything he has learned every day inside the RUNSTRONG coaching club. Gary is best when the race is long with a PB of 135 miles in under 24 hours but a 35 min PB for 10km shows he knows how to get a result at all distances. 

Mike Sweeney

UK Registered Dietician & Busy Dad

Mike is the person behind our runners nutrition system and has a decade of experience with multiple degree’s in sports science & dietetics. He is one of the leading practitioners in the UK & is widely considered by other experts to be the go to person for evidence based & highly effective nutrition coaching so no more confusion when it comes to food


J̵O̵I̵N̵ ̵T̵H̵E̵ ̵R̵U̵N̵S̵T̵R̵O̵N̵G̵ ̵C̵O̵A̵C̵H̵I̵N̵G̵ ̵C̵L̵U̵B̵ ̵T̵O̵D̵A̵Y̵

The RunStrong Club is currently full and not accepting new members at the moment. 

You can however join my hilarious daily email list where, you guessed it, every day I’ll send you hilarious stories and tips about running, weight loss and anything else I think will make you chuckle 🤘

(I’ll let you know as soon as spaces become available to join RunStrong – you’ll the first to know and I may even send you some cheeky bonuses)