1. Nobody asks you what time you did it in when you bang on about how far the race is. ⁣

2. You suddenly feel its acceptable to take a shit in front of complete strangers. ⁣

3. It sounds good telling people you ran an ultra marathon when really you walked more than 50% of it. ⁣

4. They are cheaper than a weekend at London Marathon. ⁣

5. People just think that DNF’ ing an Ultra is bad luck…..not that you fucked it up. ⁣

6. The medals are bigger.⁣

7. Less tossers than road running. ⁣

8. You think you can eat as much as you want and never get fat. ⁣

9. Nobody will ask you how far your Marathon is. ⁣

10. It means you get to write a boring as fuck blog that everyone will love. ⁣

11. If you have done 50 miles in 18 hours it automatically makes you better than a sub 3 hour marathon runner. ⁣

12. Cake.⁣
13. You just weren’t built to run fast….apparently. ⁣

14. Everyone loves you banging on about reading ‘Born To Run’ ⁣

15. It means you are an instant expert in all things running as soon as you cross the finish line. ⁣

16. Never have to dodge buggies and dogs at ParkRun again. ⁣

17. That £500+ watch is finally justified……… ⁣

18. Who wants to neck gels on the move when you could sit on a camping chair nursing a pot noodle⁣

19. Telling people you finished in the top 50 (out of 60) is way better than finishing 897th.⁣

20. People at work are intimidated by you.⁣

21. You get to set up an ‘athlete page’ on Facebook.⁣

22. It makes you do a little wee with excitement every time someone mentions they ‘run a bit’ when you with strangers.⁣

23. Runners World can finally go in the bin.⁣

24. I can stop for a coffee WHILE I am in a race?⁣

25. Everyone loves hearing about your grotty fucking trotters. ⁣

26. The further you go, the slower you go. ⁣

27. There is less chance of you being overtaken by a geezer tossing a pancake while running backwards dressed as a giraffe. ⁣

28. Meditation and yoga is easier than fartleks and tempo runs. ⁣

Gary ⁣

PS. I could have hit 100 quite easily but I was worried that I might look like I am taking the piss

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